Verses Prove Nothing

Some people need a verse for every step they take. During a discussion, I spoke at great length about how the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction and Nebuchadnezzar’s madness showed that heaven’s government is hardly a one-man dictatorship but a transparent collaboration between God and created beings ( Sodom was condemned by an independent […]

The Trouble with Good Boys

Wincing with fearful anticipation of the awful wrath of God, he begins his life of penance, a constant eschewing of all bad deeds in his attempts to do “the right thing.” Roaring applause and smiling nods of approval from all around him are his reward. Protective fathers snarl at all their daughters’ suitors but invite […]

Unity of the Gospel

He’d been announced as an evangelist and he was certainly a charismatic speaker. It wasn’t long before the church resounded with amens as the evangelist warned us against the perils of mini skirts, sagging trousers and hugging. As I listened to the exhaustive list of sins, I couldn’t help but wonder… Is the gospel all […]

Think Again!

The most vital tool needed to understand prophecy is humility. There is just no way a human mind could fathom everything God has to say in just one sitting; that’s like a mosquito trying to

What Authority?

In my corner of the world, people have unquestioning obedience to authority drilled into them from birth. Those like me, who ask too many questions, soon find themselves in trouble. In this society, monuments to the past are more valuable

The Curse of the How To…

Web 2.0 with it’s user generated content has made just about every form of knowledge available. Everything is on the web. Everything! Rote memory belongs right next to dinosaurs in museums: why bother memorising anything when we have search engines? In depth learning is out on the trash heap too: why bother learning about fundamental […]

Syringes in the Pews

“An ever increasing craving for an ever diminishing pleasure is the formula.” (C. S. Lewis. “The Screwtape Letters.”) The only high you ever enjoy is your first one; you spend the rest of your life trying, in vain, to repeat it. That is addiction in brief. In contrast, an apple always tastes like an apple […]