Desert Scuffle Part 2: Cordless Bungee Jumping

Fine then, if Jesus is as dependent on His Father as He says He is, He should willing to participate in that trusty activity of all leadership camps… the trust fall. Satan even goes so far as to give a “plain literal reading” of scripture, quoting Psalm 91:11-12. The challenge is simple: if God is on your side, He will perform a miraculous wonder to protect your life.

Jesus then quotes another comment of Moses, a comment that reminded Israel not to tempt God as they had done when thirst parched their throats and refreshed their doubts. Wondering out loud if God was among them or not, the Hebrews challenged Him to provide them with water. God rose to the occasion yet the fact that those people died in the desert reveals something important about miracles: they don’t convert sinners. Perfidy is not driven by the absence of evidence but the refusal to acknowledge its demands on one’s life.

Expecting God to perform miracles to countermand irresponsibility is nothing more than arrogant presumption because it reduces God to the level of sinful humanity. At times, God will bail us out but He will not always do so. It would be irresponsible for God to shield us from every consequence of sin because we would never leave it alone. God doesn’t subsidize stupidity. Enough trouble will come looking for you, you don’t have to seek trouble. Psalm 91 tells us not to test God but to trust Him to do what’s best for us.

What do miracles prove anyway? God is powerful, that’s not what the devil disputed in the beginning. The devil actually accused God of holding onto too much power (remember his fateful discussion with Eve in Genesis 3). If God were to run around raining non-stop miracles, He would be helping Satan’s case. He would also have another problem on His hands… spoilt brats.

God invites us to rest in Him. Children usually trust their parents to do what’s good for them. Trusting in God is a better sign that we are His children instead of expecting Him to subsidize our foolishness. Bungee jumping is much more fun when you don’t cut the cord.