God wants Help

In Genesis 1, God (a perfect community) productively created a community to creatively produce offspring that would fill the earth and be productive (subdue it). To protect them from pride, He gave them a day of rest. That is a day when they stopped working and took the time to fellowship with their Creator. Thus, they remembered that theirs was not a work done in isolation but in partnership with their Creator. Unfortunately, they were rather quick to forget the lesson of the Sabbath and chose to spurn their Creator.God, however, didn’t spurn them. He was creative in reaching out to redeem them. Humanity was infected with sin but was not beyond hope – the original software remained albeit bugged by sin. Our drive to be creatively productive was alive but malfunctioning so God instituted some emergency measures. Humanity had rejected the Ultimate Source and so would inevitably turn to “superficial” sources. The man had come from the soil and would draw his sense of being from the ground while the woman would try to fill her inner vacuum by turning to her husband. God intervened.

It is certainly not unusual to find goal oriented folk who pride themselves on their impeccable ability to achieve whatever tasks they have in mind. Proud and tall they stand on the heap of their vanquished foes and obstacles. Who would begrudge them their glory? Who hasn’t noticed the thorns that choke out our grain? Who hasn’t met insurmountable barriers? The earth is in rebellion against us for this is meant to point us to God for it is by His Word that we live, not by bread alone. That is to say, labour is the conduit through which we receive the blessing of life.

Others chuckle to themselves, shaking their heads in pure disbelief when they encounter the goal driven. Happiness, they say, is found in creative relationships. Have you not encountered those who believe their lives will begin on their wedding days? How many women have borne children in an attempt to “keep” their husbands and fill the void within them? Sin in our hearts has turned our creative unions into brutal arenas in which people dominate and suffocate each other. Thus, creating in our image is immensely painful so as to remind us that there is pain that only God understands because He is the creator fulfilment is found in having a relationship with Him. Our creative relationships are supposed to be an outflow of our relationship with Him.

Contingency plans are not meant to last forever because they have very short lifespans. God then promised the seed that would crush the serpent’s head. Enter Jesus… the New Adam who would model creativity and productivity as God intended. He worked very hard but unlike us, He relied fully on His Father and worked WITH Him daily. He was creative too and forged the church, bidding it spread out creatively and productively. God is in the business of restoring to mankind to his dominion i.e. He wants to reinstate us as partners. Should the church not be seeking restoration of all humanity? Why then the lethargy? Stand up and answer God’s call… He wants your help.