Trusty Love

Whose heartstrings have never felt the strumming of romance? A man in its grip sees the whole world as a silver lining, oblivious to the fact that romance has tinted his eyes with silver. Have you not heard a woman humming a tuneless ode to romance as she went about her work? Romance is the sweetest music and is to be enjoyed but never confused for love. Those who fail to make the distinction, are bound to feel the pain of heartbreak when they learn through excruciating experience, that romance can never bear the weight of relationship.
Love in its purest form is not a feeling but a way of life, a commitment to live for the good of others, to be a channel of blessing. It is the renouncing of selfishness and embrace of charity. It is based on trust. This is what Peter, facing impending doom, wanted to say:

“…Add to your trust in God, goodness; add to goodness, knowledge; add to knowledge, self-control; add to self-control, patience; add to patience, reverence; add to reverence, affection for fellow-believers, add to affection for fellow-believers, love.”
(2 Peter 1:5-7 FBV)

At the top of his ladder is love but the lowest rung is trust in God. This trust in God comes from knowing Jesus Christ and accepting His enabling power (verse 3). This is how we are to partake of the divine nature (verse 4). The power to love comes from living with an attitude of trust in God. The safest type of trust is that which is based on evidence – knowing Jesus.