God for Dummies

Where are you? God comes strolling in Eden, longing for companionship with those made in His likeness but they hide and so He asks this question. This is not a geographical question but a relational question. Forbidden fruit has driven a wedge between God and man, not by driving God from man but by inculcating mankind with a self destructive desire for God’s absence. By asking, “Where are you?” God is also saying, “I am right here.” Humanity has fled the relationship but divinity still seeks companionship. It follows therefore, that Christ’s enshrouding of divinity in humanity was not an experiment meant to alter divinity’s perception of humanity but vice versa. That is why God is not reconciled to man but man is reconciled to God.

By succumbing to diabolical suggestion, Adam and Eve took on a mistrust of God that they would pass on to their progeny. It is most noteworthy that as far as Genesis 3 goes, sin is not a legal issue but a relational one. Adam and Eve are not in trouble because they broke the rules but because they have separated themselves from God. This suspicion that God was not really their friend led them to hide from God behind foliage and from each other behind leaves. Sin splits God and human before it splits man from wife. This problem escalates because in the next generation, it will lead to fratricide before suffusing the world with violence. Man is hopeless.

God Himself provided the solution. He is not to blame for the sin situation but He takes responsibility. Man is provided with leather clothing (implying the death of a creature). Our nudity can only be covered by the spilling of blood. Adam and Eve do not make the leather clothes but need only choose to wear them. Only God can solve the problem, theirs is to choose to get with the program. How is the problem to be fixed, is God saying, “I don’t care who dies as long as somebody dies”? Hardly.

Since sinful humanity flees holy divinity, divinity must clothe itself with humanity so that humanity can see divinity without dying. Jesus is God for Dummies. If humanity is ever to trust divinity, it must learn the true nature of things as they stand. Thus, the cross reveals the true nature of sin (self destruction by separation from God), the true nature of Satan (a murderous liar) and the true nature of God (infinite selfless love).

“Jesus was handed over to die because of our sins, and was raised to life to make us right.”

(Romans 4:25 “Free Bible Version NT.”)

In the first chapter, sinners were handed over to the consequences of their choices but this would not be immediately evident to the none divine observer. The chaos resulting from sin could be seen as an imposed penalty instead of chosen destiny. Enter Jesus. By handing Jesus over to death, God shows that sinners die in the end, not because, God is butchering them but because He has handed them over to reap the consequences of their choices.

Earlier in Romans, Paul states that even those who are disgusted by their sinful condition are powerless to extricate themselves from its powerful grip. Thus, simply viewing and adoring the revelation at the cross is hardly enough. Humanity needs more than breathless accolades and hanging corpses to escape the clutches of sin. This is why the Resurrection makes us right. The power that resurrected Jesus is the same power that gives us strength to conquer. Adam opened the door for chaos but Jesus opened the door for reconciliation. If Jesus can defy human perfidy and even the cold grave, He can make us all right. That is God for Dummies.

photo credit: Ronan_C Sunset at Newhaven Harbour via photopin (license)