Save Me From Me

Save me dear God, from the covetousness that bids me turn from you and grasp your goodies. It is so frightfully easy to seek fulfilment in what I can taste and touch, to kneel before a god I can see, grasp and manipulate. In my blindness, I see only the gift and ignore the Giver, and flexing my arms I praise my strength as if I made that which I merely received. Forgive my foolishness and purge my pride!
Is it not foolishness to blur that glaring line between Creator and created? A sinful wretch I am, strutting about in your clothes too big for me. I cannot call worlds into existence, your mic is too big for me and the mic stand is too high to reach. You are too big for any box I can find or build yet you collapsed yourself and encased yourself in humanity as real as mine. Humanity could barely contain you as you wore a crown of thorns with greater majesty than any king. You are the King of the Universe but you were not too proud to request a cup of water from a naughty Samaritan lady. You lived in a celestial temple but you gladly walked up and down – an itinerant teacher of no fixed abode. I could never fit in your boots, they are too big for me. I can rip out the fence between Creator and created but the boundary never changes.

Silly me, I drew a line between spiritual and physical. I tried to divorce you from reality, to lock you up in church so I could do what I wanted all week long and peep in on weekends just to make roll call and confirm my reservation in heaven. How immature is that! Strolling through the material world yet failing to see your hand holding it all up. You rule over both the spiritual and the physical, why not, you made it all. In fact, to you, it is all one and the same. That is why you put the Tree of Life in Eden – you wanted to teach us that being connected to you is just as necessary to life as eating and even more so. Remaining in you keeps us alive, not because it warms your heart and makes you reluctant to kill us but because you are the Source of life. Those who remain in you have eternal life, not because they’ve convinced you to love them but because that is the reality of life, it is as natural as eating.

So save me from the folly of pride! Save me from my tendency to cling to superficial reality, from grasping the goodies and forgetting the One that gave them. Save me from my distorted view of reality, from the madness that seeks to lock you up in the spiritual and boogie in the physical. Save me dear God, from the tyranny of things. I choose to serve you, give me the strength to live up to it, open my eyes to see you enthroned in the centre of my stuff. You made me to rule over stuff and not vice versa. Save me from my upside down world but above all, oh God, save me from me!

photo credit: BullionVault Bullion bar in sea of coin via photopin (license)