Let God Out of Church

We’ve locked God up in church and locked our brains out. That way, we can do whatever we like during the week and only surrender our freedom on Saturday. That is why it gets harder to thank God when life gets better – why thank somebody who stayed locked up in church and morning worship while I slaved away all week?

Of course, we are slack in doing church stuff because we think God is a puppeteer with no use for our brains except immediate total submission, so we want Him to do all the hard work. Remember the He-is-the-potter-we-are-the-clay distortions of Jeremiah 18 that leap out to stop any attempt to bring in reason and freedom of choice dead in its tracks? Well, the clay in Jeremiah 18 has a lot more power of choice than we are used to but that’s another story.

What if we let God out of church during the week? That is a scary thought because we don’t like being puppets. As long as we think God has a joystick that overrides our freedom, we will be uncomfortable with the idea of letting Him loose in our lives all week long.

Did anybody in the Bible that let God out of church and into their lives become a puppet? The Bible is full of stories of people who worked with God. The only puppets I’ve seen are those under the influence of demons. Satan is the puppeteer and not God. God is eager to get in our lives to give us freedom not take it away.

From the beginning, when Adam named the animals, God has wanted to work with us. He made us as scale models of Him and not androids. God is on cloud 9 when we clasp our hands in His and apply ourselves to cultivating the world He left in our care. I’ll let you in on a secret: He is a little too big to stay cooped up in church. Let Him out!



Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash

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