How Do You Look?

All of us have felt the smorgasbord of humiliation, grief, rage and, perhaps, a smidgen of admiration that chases the heels of deception. Questions fill the mind:

“How did I miss this?”

“Am I really that dumb?”

The dire consequences of believing deception may be irreversible and even fatal, but they pale in comparison to the piercing shards of shattered confidence in one’s ability to evade deception. Where there once was effortless trust, there is now a frigid consciousness of nakedness.

Self-sufficiency has always been at the heart of all of Satan’s deception. In Eden’s centre, two trees stood for the choice between dependence on God and dependence on self. Satan convinced Eve that dependence on God was a delusion, that she had to let go of God’s hand to climb to the top, and we have tripped over the same rock – pride.

Pride places our trust in our ability to pierce the mists of time and see the future with undiluted clarity. That’s why so much of what we have to say about prophecy is filled with fearsome predictions and sensational conspiracy theories instead of turning the people to God in the present. It is just another version of the Devil’s DIY-righteousness delusion.

Hate it or love it, we are all susceptible to delusion. This is a susceptibility that remains undiminished by strenuous memorization of deceptions past & future. Necessary as these are, it is more urgent to commit to looking for the truth. We are all biased and our biases determine what we see. Thus, examination of data is insufficient, no, we must examine our paradigms as well – a red lens will tinge everything with crimson.

Only God knows it all and invites us all onto an escalator of revelation – the higher we climb, the further we see. The only safety from Satan’s wiles is found in plucking the fruit of life, looking for truth in Jesus, learning from Him and following where He leads. This is the intention of prophecy – to strengthen, encourage and console (1 Corinthians 14:3 NET).