That’s my Father! Sure, my eyes had run through Revelation 4 before and gazed with wonder at the awesome One on the Throne before. This time was different. My Bible was closed and I sat in the swirling clouds of despondency, low confidence and feelings of worthlessness that have surrounded me for as long as I can remember. Suddenly, the thought burst through the gloom: That’s my Father! That awesome God sitting on the Throne, filling Heaven with light is my Father!

Almost a decade has whirled past since that day. The clouds still swirl about me but now I have seen the glory behind them. I snatched a piece of that fire and it lights up the darkness whenever I remember to pull it out of my pocket. He is my Father! That alone means I am somebody. I am a prince. Royalty.

I don’t always feel like a prince though. I know I don’t act like one. Those are pretty big shoes to fill. I need help and oodles of it. I need Someone gentle enough to not be scary but strong enough to pull me out of the quagmire. I need the woolly softness of a lamb and the rippling strength of a lion. As warm as His embrace is, there are perilous forces He needs to dispel. It is not enough for Jesus to be loving, He must have victory too. And He does it! At His weakest moment, dead, He is at His strongest. I don’t know how He does it but He will teach me.


Yes! They are worthy. My Father gave me life. He created me for big things, lofty heights and a resplendent destiny. For that and more, He is worthy to run things, the whole universe. I can’t think of anybody else with enough creativity, wisdom and love to do it. Jesus stoops low, condescending to empower me to fill those shoes. He is worthy too! I want to join that song! The one that starts around the throne and spreads to the furthest wrinkles of space-time. I want to sing it with my life: treating everybody with the dignity that royalty deserves. He is their Father too. I am not an only child. My brothers and sisters are worthy too. They, Jesus and our Father, have made us all worthy.