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Are You Horny?

The only thing scarier than institutionalised confusion is personal confusion. That is the warning in Revelation 14:9&10 – the most severe warning in the Bible. Internalised Babylon is worse than external and it’s impact is twofold: mindset and lifestyle.
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The Fallacy of Productivity

As far as Exodus is concerned, Egypt was a place where one’s value came from their productivity. In this stratified society, the one above, whipped the one below and winced with pain from the whip that landed from the one above him. It was a place where those at the top demanded more and always more.

Nobody rested in this land, no, not even the gods. How could the when they had slaves to supervise?

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A Horny Beast!

Everybody crowds around the lions’ cage when feeding time comes at a wildlife orphanage close to my city. The lions pace their cages, roaring their impatience. These cages have an elaborate system of gates allowing the keepers to feed the lions without becoming dessert themselves.

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Megalomania in The Pews

True authority is what you have left when the big stick is ripped right out of your hands; when the masquerade is over, Jesus threw his big stick away, emptied himself and walked this earth as a working-class man but He still had authority – banishing demons, sickness and corrupt spiritual leaders.

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State of The Living

You just know you’re talking to a Seventh-day Adventist when “The State of the Dead” haunts your conversation. Yes, an exhaustive and, usually, exhausting list of deeds to be done and sins to be shunned between Friday sunset and Saturday sunset, comes a clear undisputed first on the list of SDA symptoms but “The State of the Dead” comes in a close second.

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