Trusty Love

Whose heartstrings have never felt the strumming of romance? A man in its grip sees the whole world as a silver lining, oblivious to the fact that romance has tinted his eyes with silver. Have you not heard a woman

My Jesus Is The Problem

It is just crazy how we can “know where we are in prophecy” but still cheat on each other. We can hardly begrudge those who stand in the maternity ward, raising their bewildered eyebrows at the sight of pregnant teens whose parents sang out loud amens when elders preached against condoms but were dumbfounded when […]

Shepherds do not Carry Shackles

In a time when clerical scandals find their way into screaming headlines, we are ever more leery of any calls to submit to church leadership. Thus, clergy and laity find themselves at an impasse for no leader can lead when none follow and followers, rubbing their chain-chaffed wrists, are rightly reluctant to subject themselves to […]

A Living House

The temple was always the confluence of the Divine and the human. It was the place were the rift between man and his Maker was suspended in the interest of unfettered communion. There was, however, one major problem with the temple