What Authority?

In my corner of the world, people have unquestioning obedience to authority drilled into them from birth. Those like me, who ask too many questions, soon find themselves in trouble. In this society, monuments to the past are more valuable

The Curse of the How To…

Web 2.0 with it’s user generated content has made just about every form of knowledge available. Everything is on the web. Everything! Rote memory belongs right next to dinosaurs in museums: why bother memorising anything when we have search engines? In depth learning is out on the trash heap too: why bother learning about fundamental […]

Syringes in the Pews

“An ever increasing craving for an ever diminishing pleasure is the formula.” (C. S. Lewis. “The Screwtape Letters.”) The only high you ever enjoy is your first one; you spend the rest of your life trying, in vain, to repeat it. That is addiction in brief. In contrast, an apple always tastes like an apple […]


The idea of Jesus delaying His return to Earth is uncomfortable because we associate delay with either reluctance or inability. How can a loving omnipotent Jesus be reluctant to save His people or be unable to? Could there be another reason? Jesus wants to save as many people as possible. He isn’t waiting around a […]

Ravenous (Part 2): What Will You Do?

The church’s ceiling reverberated with cheerful singing of saints converged to worship God. A baton blurred in the chorister’s vigorous hand, bidding the saints sing with more gusto. The piano keys undulated beneath the pianists skilled fingers as the last chorus of the happy hymn burst forth from throats filled with exultant praise. The joy […]

Heresy Isn’t All Bad

“The problem with the church today,” the man declared with the finality of absolute certainty, “is that we spend too much time discussing opinions. We need to follow what the Bible teaches and then we can agree on everything.” Filled with a growing sense of horror and feeling that familiar tightening of goosebumps, I took […]