Dictatorship of the Weak

I am often enthralled and disgusted at the sight of self-declared weak faith waved about as a weapon to fight change. It is akin to the simultaneous wonder and horror of watching a python engulf a favourite pet. With nothing short of pure astonishment, I have witnessed church leaders brandish it like a katana, Continue reading

God for Dummies

Where are you? God comes strolling in Eden, longing for companionship with those made in His likeness but they hide and so He asks this question. This is not a geographical question but a relational question. Forbidden fruit has driven a wedge between God and man, not by driving God from man but by inculcating mankind with a self destructive desire for God’s absence. By asking, “Where are you?” God is also saying, “I am right here.” Humanity has fled the relationship but divinity still seeks companionship. It follows therefore, that Christ’s enshrouding of divinity in humanity was not an experiment meant to alter divinity’s perception of humanity but vice versa. That is why God is not reconciled to man but man is reconciled to God. Continue reading

Theodicy or Forensics?

“God,” cries Prophet Habbakuk, “the good boys are acting bad and you don’t seem to have anything to say about it!” Habbakuk can’t stand God’s silence in the face of evil among His people. Is God on leave? Does He not care anymore? The world is falling apart and God seems to be in no hurry to stick it back together again. Have you not looked at the chaos in the world and wondered if God had any plans to fix it? It is a common question: if God is so good, why all the injustice and suffering, especially by those who claim to worship Him?

“You think that’s something,” God replies, Continue reading

Hung Up on the Sex

A lot of Christian discussions about LGBT issues invoke Romans 1 as a rallying point for all opposed. Yet, this chapter is certainly not a chat about the birds and the bees. No doubt about it, homosexual behaviour is not cast in a positive light here but instead of it being a cause of God’s wrath, it is a result. Do not get hung up on the sex.
God’s wrath is revealed not in enraged violence nor dispassionate torture, but in handing sinners over to reap the consequences of their choices. Sin is the wilful rejection of God and chaos is its result. Those who think heterosexuals are exempt from the chaos of sin should read the whole chapter and not orbit around the verses that seem to suit their biases. As far as Romans is concerned, we are all in trouble, heterosexual or homosexual, Jew or Greek, moralist or hedonist. We are not in trouble because God is angry but God is angry because we are in trouble.
Sin is not bad because God hates it but God hates sin because it is bad. This is not a frivolous semantic merry-go-round but an important distinction. The troubles of this world are not to be blamed on an angry Creator but on rebellious creation. God is no where nearly as deadly as sin. Even many of those who claim the name of Jesus fail to appreciate this reality. Sin is the rejection of God and those who stand in the pulpit to present an unacceptable God, entrench the very sin they try to eject.
Another fallacy that assails us is the idea that pouring disgust on sinful chaos is enough to dislodge from the mind. On this nail hangs the coats of our keyboard warriors and their jeering friends. It is popular in our time to drown out the voice of dissent with scornful jeering in the form of witty come backs and derisive memes. This is the way in which many of us have sought to fight the chaos we all see. Romans 2 slaps that in the face, declaring the moralist doomed to feel within himself the same impulses that he derides in others.

In the end, we destined to be engulfed by the chaotic results of our rebellion and are helpless to extricate ourselves from its power despite our pious preaching and witty hashtags. Only God can rescue and restore us…as long as we trust Him. The distorted understanding of sin that believes sin is bad because God hates it has left us thinking that our greatest need is forgiveness. However, God hates sin because of the chaos it brings as opposed to the lofty heights that He created us for (to be in His image), our greatest need is restoration. Instead of getting hung up on sex and failing to realise that God’s table is much bigger than our corner of it, we would be better off learning to trust God to restore us.
photo credit: kennethkonica IMG_4159 via photopin (license)