How Do You Look?

All of us have felt the smorgasbord of humiliation, grief, rage and, perhaps, a smidgen of admiration that chases the heels of deception. Questions fill the mind:

“How did I miss this?”

“Am I really that dumb?” Continue reading

With Both Hands

That a Laodicean Christian concerned by the sombre message of Revelation 3, would be told by an elder, “relax, it’s actually a coded message to a future church,” lies beyond my imagination’s reach. While I believe that much can, and should, be drawn from the book sent to the seven churches, I cannot wrest it from their hands and squeeze it into my backpack. It was written to them but the Holy Spirit preserved it for me. Reading Revelation is eavesdropping, it is peering over the Continue reading

The Best Policy

It is hard to forget the stab of guilt that cleaved the heart whenever, “tell the truth and shame the devil,” was declared with a stern tone and pointed fingers on the playground. The invocation of religiosity was often too great for the lie to bear, crushing it and squeezing the truth out in sheepish tones uttered with unease and at times, bowed heads.

Perhaps it was not so much the weight of religiosity that brought out the truth but the childlike propensity for Continue reading

Save Me From Me

Save me dear God, from the covetousness that bids me turn from you and grasp your goodies. It is so frightfully easy to seek fulfilment in what I can taste and touch, to kneel before a god I can see, grasp and manipulate. In my blindness, I see only the gift and ignore the Giver, and flexing my arms I praise my strength as if I made that which I merely received. Forgive my foolishness and purge my pride!
Is it not foolishness to blur that glaring line between Continue reading

​ You Couldn’t Stop it if You Tried

“You’ll be back,” says the haunting thought. It mocks as you swear you’ll never dial that number again, even though you leave it in your phonebook or when you clear your browser’s history but leave that hidden folder (for next time?). Maybe it rolls its eyes at you when you quit smoking for the sixth time that month or when you pour that drink into the sink but keep it for deposit.
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Syringes in the Pews

“An ever increasing craving for an ever diminishing pleasure is the formula.”
(C. S. Lewis. “The Screwtape Letters.”)

The only high you ever enjoy is your first one; you spend the rest of your life trying, in vain, to repeat it. That is addiction in brief. In contrast, an apple always tastes like an apple should, if it doesn’t, you throw it away. As if dependence and addiction weren’t bad enough, each hit leaves you worse off than before – physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. There is a type of drug often imbibed in our pews today: Continue reading


The idea of Jesus delaying His return to Earth is uncomfortable because we associate delay with either reluctance or inability. How can a loving omnipotent Jesus be reluctant to save His people or be unable to? Could there be another reason?

Jesus wants to save as many people as possible. He isn’t waiting around a prophetic corner just so He can see how many He can catch unawares; Christ is not in the business of excluding people. If any reluctance is involved in his delay, it is His reluctance to leave any unsaved. If any inability is involved, it is His inability to remain aloof to the plight of floundering humanity. God is neither hostile to us nor a dispassionate cosmic force, He is a loving Father with inestimable longing for His children.

Too many people sitting in a church pew next to you are exasperated by the delay because they have an escapist attitude. Like a group of mercenaries huddling in a bush, they are waiting for extraction from this war zone of a planet. This is a case of “my Jesus and not yours.” Unable to look beyond their troubles and desires, they just want Jesus to come now! Unwilling to step outside their comfort zones, they choose to turn the church into an incestuous huddle; an enclave of those lucky enough to be saved.

If we the church, claim to have hearts fused with Christ’s, should we not share in His longing for the lost? Should “Jesus is coming back for me,” not become, “Jesus is coming back for us?” If we shared just a smidgeon of this longing, the incestuous huddles would fall in the face of churches too full of heaven to not share it. Heaven belongs to those so filled with it that it overflows and spreads to all around.
The choice lies with you… Will you sit around wondering if God is reluctant or unable or will you share in His longing for His children?

photo credit: TheeErin These ventures via photopin (license)