That’s my Father! Sure, my eyes had run through Revelation 4 before and gazed with wonder at the awesome One on the Throne before. This time was different. My Bible was closed and I sat in the swirling clouds of despondency, low confidence and feelings of worthlessness that have surrounded me for as long as I can remember. Suddenly, the thought burst through the gloom: T Continue reading

What You Need

I have lived with an au pair, cook, nurse, teacher, confidante, chauffeur, counsellor and disciplinarian. All these were my mother. She has been what I needed her to be at that exact moment. She has been all that and a whole lot more. She is my father’s wife, my brother’s mother, her patient’s nurse and midwife. There are lots of other relationships she has with other people, interacting with them in ways she and I never could. Continue reading

You Are The Light. Shine Bright

“You are the light of the world.” Us? It’s a scandal. Here we are, struggling along just like everybody else. Get close enough to any of us to peer past our perfect perfumed smiles and you will see that none of us has it together. If Jesus wants to brighten up this dark world, He should install better lighting.

But… Continue reading