How Do You Look?

All of us have felt the smorgasbord of humiliation, grief, rage and, perhaps, a smidgen of admiration that chases the heels of deception. Questions fill the mind:

“How did I miss this?”

“Am I really that dumb?” Continue reading


Truth is No Exemption from Humility

What do you do when your wildest dreams are just that: wild dreams? How do you live when your great expectations are vaporized before your eyes? I’m thinking of the disciples watching their master dying on the cross when a short while before, 70 of them had gone to proclaim, at Jesus’ instruction, the arrival of the kingdom of heaven (Luke 10). How animated they must have been as they set off, their feet bearing the good news! Finally, Jesus was going to take His place as king and boot out the Romans!

Or was He???? Keep on reading!